Design Build

King Industries is uniquely positioned to provide you with design assistance, engineering support, construction services and total project management within the framework of Design- Build for project execution. Design-Build is an excellent strategy and approach for project controls. It is the core product service which King Industries has to offer and it is what we do best. The process sometimes called the “One Source Solution” is tried and proven to be successful and we can back it up with an excellent track record.

One Source Solution

Direct Cost Savings – Through in-house performance of all the King Industries critical craft trades, unnecessary tier markups are avoided.

Accountability – Avoiding multiple contractors, vendors and the associated administration, not to mention the inevitable conflicts of interest, the customer has one source and one point of contact for efficient project execution and accountability.

Time Savings – The customer saves time by dealing with one point of contact, limiting communication errors and minimizing communication overload, thereby expediting the progress and accuracy of the project.

Efficient Schedules – The conflicting interests that occur with multiple contracts is eliminated. The result is a more efficient schedule and lower project cost.

Total Scope Coverage – Customers avoid costly coverage gap issues and interference throughout the entire process of the project, resulting in enhanced efficiency and cost control.