Glass Furnace Rebuilds

Design-Build / Engineering / Fabrication / Installation / Project Management / General Construction
Piping / Sheet Metal / Mechanical / Steel / Civil

  • Melter Re-circulating Cooling Water
  • Electrode Re-circulating Cooling Water
  • Furnace Pressure
  • Melter Oxy/Gas Combustion
  • Conventional Melter Gas/Air Combustion
  • Oxy/Gas & Conventional Gas/Air Safety Skids
  • Melter Oxy/Gas and Conventional Burners
  • Melter Oxy/Gas Safety Skids
  • Melter Block / Crown / Port Cooling Air
  • High & Low-Pressure Throat Cooling Air
  • Electrode Thermocouple/Peep Hole Cooling Air
  • Melter & Regenerator Quench Air
  • Melter Batch Wetting
  • Refiner & Forehearth Combustion
  • Refiner & Forehearth Combustion Skids
  • Refiner & Forehearth Gas Safety Skids
  • Refiner & Forehearth Primary Cooling Air
  • Refiner & Forehearth Thermocouple Cooling
  • Feeder Mechanism Cooling Refiner & Forehearth Fan Skids
  • Melter/Forehearth Support & Binding Steel
  • Refiner / Regenerator Support & Binding Steel
  • Equipment Platforms, Catwalks, Stairs, Railings
  • Color Cell Installation
  • IS Machine & Conveyor Removal/Installation
  • Machine Drip Pan & Gob Chutes
  • Machine Hi/Low Pressure Air and Vacuum
  • Machine & Conveyor Cooling Air
  • Machine Lincoln Lube & Shear Spray
  • Compressor, Dryer & Vacuum Equipment
  • Compressor, Dryer, & Vacuum Re-circulating
  • High/Low Pressure Air & Vacuum
  • Utility Piping
  • Cullet Re-circulating Cooling Water
  • Batch House Equipment
  • Control Room HVAC

King Industries has a select group of employees; Project Managers, Superintendents, Foremen, Designers and Tradesmen in all the primary crafts for our fabrication shops and for field installations. The entire group is comprised of approximately 50 employees experienced in glass industry work. These employees are the core of manpower utilized to man projects which is then supplemented by local labor resources as necessary. King Industries is signatory with the Pipefitters, Sheet Metal Workers, Ironworkers and other craft Unions, having specialty Agreements for work performed in the glass industry nationwide. These agreements allow King Industries to provide employees from our own work force. There are provisions to extend this number of employees from our own work force under various conditions including the local Union's inability to provide qualified and / or certified or acceptable craftsmen in a sufficient number. Other provisions allow this in-house manpower to be larger at the project onset with arrangements with the local Unions under certain specified conditions.