Shutdown & Outages

Shutdowns and Outages give you the opportunity to perform critical repairs, maintenance, or installations while production is paused.

Timing is typically the critical component. Shutdowns and outages that run over budget and past deadlines can result in serious financial losses, along with the opportunity cost of keeping your operation offline for longer than expected.

King Industries project management teams have successfully supported turnarounds, outages, and mobilizations in a variety of industrial settings. Whether you are shutting down a single machine, a system, a production line, or an entire facility, we understand the unique challenges and time pressures involved.


Our teams are proficient in keeping downtime to a minimum.


In planning a shutdown or outage project, we identify activities that can be completed in advance such as equipment removal, fabrication, and material deliveries to minimize any disruptions and allow for timely completion. Our goal is to deliver a service that improves asset performance, maintains and enhances operational safety, and is completed on time and on budget.

Scheduled Mobilization

Scheduled shutdowns and outages are carefully planned events. However, when emergency shutdown situations do occur, we have the capability to mobilize quickly to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum. Our experienced teams are proficient in emergency mobilizations which have been effective with our rapid response times to these critical events.